Tricks and Treats Recital

I thought I already posted this recital!  Here we go again…  thanks to John Williams’ music for great movie music that my students enjoyed learning and performing.  What a fun new space to perform in the Marmalade Library. Even though we only needed two rows of the stadium seating.  

Keyboard Gymnastics Performing

Keyboard Gymnastics Celebration


Before the auction, recital, and awards ceremony.

Everyone completed all of the events:  performance, sight reading, theory, ear training, and technique.


Congratulations to the Gold, Silver (2), and Bronze all-around medalists:  Damon R., Sarah B., Quinn W., and Drew W.


Students earning 15-point Federation Cups:  Ben, Drew, Lainey, Trevin.


Preparing for this recital took a lot of time!  Each student had five ribbons, a certificate, and more certificates from Federation festival.  Glad they enjoy the process and the reminders of their achievements.



Spring Recital (Solo Festival Pieces)

I hesitated to call my studio recital a spring recital since it snowed (finally) at the beginning of the week.  IMG_7017 IMG_7018 IMG_7020Thanks to Jackie W. for playing a piano duet and duo with me: Le pas Espagnole, from Dolly, Op.56 by Faure and the Rondo from Double Concerto in E-flat Major, K.365 by Mozart.

I took a photo of Wolfgang Wesemann at the piano as well.  He added onto his home and calls his recital hall “Wolfgang’s Konzert Haus.”

Since this recital was in preparation for the solo festival of Federation, I’ll post the junior pledge:  I acknowledge my indebtedness to good music; I know that the music of a nation inspires or degrades; I realize that acquaintance with great music instills a love of that which brings courage and lofty ideals and tends toward clean, noble living. I promise to do all in my power to make America truly musical.


Reflections Contest & Recital

A few of my students submitted pieces for the PTA Reflections contest and I thought about my own experiences with composing and arranging.  Really, it’s creating and enjoying!

Congratulations to Ben and Lainey for doing all the work to submit their compositions.  A nice, shiny medal is a great remembrance.


Notice my lollipop notes in “Sunrise,”  a set of theme and variations.  Notice the cassette tapes!


I also forgot to post the last recital!

Fun Photos Performing

Performance Class

Rachel, Maggie, and Jillian performed at Daynes Music October 2.  I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of Rachel.  They all performed well.  The goal is to have little performances before the “big” event so you can be settled, comfortable, and able to see how you react with adrenaline.  It takes time for a piece to simmer and that includes being in front of an audience.  I wish I had these experiences growing up.

Rachel is playing Vandall’s Queen Anne’s Lace.  Maggie is playing Mozart’s 12 Variations on “Ah, vous dirai je, Maman” K.300e (K.265) AKA Twinkle Star Variations.  Jillian is playing the lilting second movement to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.21 in C Major.

Erica came to her lesson this month and showed off her torn ACL!  Not good for a soccer player.  Not good for a pianist without a grand piano.  When did my students get so tall?


Transforming fear into fearlessnes

Rosemary Olsen, UMTA–Salt Lake Chapter, came to my chapter of UMTA and shared some great information on performing and I’ve wanted to share these quotes.  I think all of them are from Madeline Buser.

“Fear is energy.  If you allow it to flow through you, you transform it into fearlessnes.”

“At the moment we take the next step by expressing our hearts and minds, we transform ourselves.”

Bobby McFerrin came to the University of Utah when I was an undergrad.  He said, “It’s okay to have butterflies as long as they flutter in formation.”  Still working on the fluttering myself, but when performing is not about me and it’s all about the music, I am successful.