Let’s Play Music Classes

The paramount program for developing the complete musician
I’m excited to teach this three-year curriculum filled with amazing musicianship, giggles, and solfege!
See how much fun learning solfege, harmony, and rhythms can be.

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Program Overview

Let’s Play Music teaches foundation music skills in a group setting that every teacher wishes their students had. It develops the ears (solfege hand syllables, chord changes/harmonies, sixteenth note rhythms), the eyes (seeing and recognizing the patterns they heard and experienced), the voice (always singing), and the hands (tone bells, autoharp, and then the keyboard).

The four puppet shows each year are a favorite and children learn to love Classical music by listening to and acting out the characters of the puppet show. In this process, children naturally understand character, form, repetition, and sequencing. Super listening skills developed!

Parents attend with their child twice a month for the first year, and once a month for years 2 and 3. Be sure to make arrangements for siblings since they are not permitted in class unless registered (example: twins). Exception: Babies who are able to stay in a Baby Bjorn or car seat are permitted.

The first-year student can be ages 4, 5, or 6.* My studio preference is for preschool-age children (age 4/5) to take the first year, kindergarteners (age 5/6) to take the second year, and first graders (age 6/7) to finish with the third year.

*It is possible for 5 and 6-year-old children to start with the first year, but classes after school are limited and it is easier to avoid after-school conflicts when the first and second years are taken during the school day.

Parent Orientation

Approximately one week before classes start, a parent orientation will be held where you receive your reserved materials and get a better idea of the parent, teacher, and child relationship as you start your musical journey together.

The year begins in the last part of August and runs through April. No crazy May! A celebration recital (last week of April/beginning of May) concludes each year.