Piano Rocks Recital

I took my digital outside and had all the students select different timbres (instruments) to play.  I sat close to change the sounds in a flash.  One student said, “Can we do this for every recital?”  That’s when I knew the fun format was a winner.  

Instead of noise makers, I had percussion instruments. We also had a silent auction and ice cream sandwiches and Spider-Man popsicles.  Everything patriotic on my part.  

I think we have a new tradition!  Next time we will start closer to 10 am for less sun!


Federation Recital

I’m playing catch-up by posting the Federation Recital a few months late.  It was February 26 at the BDAC.

I had to postpone the end-of-year Celebration Recital due to Youth Conference in our area, and the sudden death of my brother-in-law.  More pictures to come during the summer months. 

Special thanks to Stephanie Stuart for playing some pieces for two pianos at the beginning and end of the recital.  The BDAC now offers two pianos!  Hooray! 

We were missing two students.  Three students earned their 15-point cups a few weeks after this recital.  Way to go Quinn, Sammy, and Zach. 

Now that’s a big cup!

Pictured are the 15 point gold cup and 75 point gold cup for National Federation of Music Clubs. I’ve only had students earn a 45 point cup. Can’t wait to get on track to earn the big ones. 90 point cup is the highest

Student Success & Extras

Rachel made it to the castle with her performance card.  She is always doing great things!

Saying goodbye to Sarah.  Remembering her top time.

Where are my pedals?  (Being fixed by technician.)

Can’t resist posting my kiddo.  She loves making sounds at the piano or digital or percussion instruments that I have.