Transforming fear into fearlessnes

Rosemary Olsen, UMTA–Salt Lake Chapter, came to my chapter of UMTA and shared some great information on performing and I’ve wanted to share these quotes.  I think all of them are from Madeline Buser.

“Fear is energy.  If you allow it to flow through you, you transform it into fearlessnes.”

“At the moment we take the next step by expressing our hearts and minds, we transform ourselves.”

Bobby McFerrin came to the University of Utah when I was an undergrad.  He said, “It’s okay to have butterflies as long as they flutter in formation.”  Still working on the fluttering myself, but when performing is not about me and it’s all about the music, I am successful.

By gillpianostudio

Barbara Bryner Gill--Whether playing the piano or singing, Barbara has always enjoyed making music. She holds two music degrees from the University of Utah: a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, and a Master of Arts in Musicology. While attending the University of Utah her teachers included Barlow Bradford, Gladys Gladstone Rosenberg, and Vedrana Subotic.

Barbara regularly performs in the community, and has played for weddings, ceremonies, and special events for over a decade. She has been a choir member of the Utah Chamber Artists since 1999 and is also the Librarian and Administrative Assistant. In addition to teaching private piano lessons and musicianship classes, Barbara has been involved in arts administration holding positions such as the Administrative Coordinator for the Maurice Abravanel Visiting Distinguished Composers Series, and the Marketing Assistant for the Virtuoso Series at the University of Utah. Barbara is also involved in the Salt Lake Piano Competition.

An active member of the Utah Music Teachers Association, Barbara is a past president of the Jordan River chapter. She is Nationally Certified through the Music Teachers National Association and received her Permanent Professional Certified Teacher of Music status in 2015. Her students participate in a variety of performing experiences including the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) festivals. Barbara and her husband have three boys and a girl (named after a concert hall).

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