LPM Policy

Schedule, Tuition, and Fees

Let’s Play Music is a three-year program. As you start this musical journey, it is expected that you continue with the same teacher for all three years. Classes begin the last week of August or the first week of September and continue through April. 

A mandatory Parent Meeting is held before classes begin and a Celebration Recital is held at the end of the year (the last week of April or the first part of May).

A class calendar is posted on the parent/student portal on my website (gillpianostudio.com). We follow the Davis School District calendar for breaks. Class dates, parent days, tuition payment due dates, and the recital date are all included on the schedule. 

Each semester has 15 lessons. Each year contains 2 semesters for a total of 30 lessons. 


1st-year classes: $65 per month, September – April, or a one-time payment of $480 (discount if paid at Parent Orientation or before classes begin)

2nd-year classes: $75 per month, September – April, or a one-time payment of $560 (discount if paid at Parent Orientation or before classes begin)

3rd-year classes: $85 per month, September – April, or a one-time payment of $640 (discount if paid at Parent Orientation or before classes begin)

A yearly registration fee of $30 and a yearly materials fee (through new.letsplaymusicsite.com). These fees are non-refundable.

Payment is accepted through auto payments through PayPal Business in the Parent/Student Portal. Tuition refunds are not given for missed classes. Monthly installments are due as outlined on the class calendar. 

Your enrollment in the Let’s Play Music program purchases a spot in a class, which means you are responsible for the payment of the full year even if you miss lessons, take weeks off or quit in the middle of the year. If you drop out at any time during the year, you agree to pay the remaining tuition installments. (Exceptions are made for loss of job, severe illness, or extenuating circumstances.) 

If a student drops out before classes begin, a full refund of tuition will be given. Materials through Let’s Play Music corporate will receive a refund minus a 20% restocking fee and shipping.

Parent Support

Weekly emails include topics covered during class, explanations, expectations, and important dates and events. Please take time to read this communication and especially the Parent Tidbits section.

A parent attends class every other week for 1st-year classes, and once a month for 2nd and 3rd-year classes as outlined on the class calendar. 

Please participate by singing, doing the solfege signs, and more so your child models your activity. Save grown-up talk, texting, and cell phone use outside of class. If on a given week you are not able to arrange to attend, you can arrange for another adult to bring your child or you can send your child alone. 

Siblings and friends may not attend class (exceptions: babies in a Baby Bjorn or able to stay in a car seat). This policy includes parent days so please arrange for a babysitter for your other children. 


Please drop off your child no earlier than 5 minutes before class and pick up your child within 5 minutes of the end of class.

Walk your child to the door to be sure your child has entered the classroom.

Watch for other children during drop-off or pick-up times.

Help your child use the bathroom and get a drink BEFORE class. No gum, candy, food, jewelry, fake fingernails, or toys are allowed in class. Shoes should be taken off.  Children should wear socks (no bare feet). Socks are provided if a child or parent does not come with any.

By registering in the program, you, the parent or legal guardian, accept full financial liability for any accident or injury that could possibly happen to your child, yourself, or any guest accompanying you, while in my home or yard and release David and Barbara Gill and all their heirs and connections from all liability.

Media Release 

I allow photos and videos of me and my child (taken during class and the Celebration Recital) to be used on gillpianostudio.com, Facebook @LPMBarbaraGill, letsplaymusicsite.com, Instagram, fliers, and other promotional materials. 

Please park in my driveway on snowy days (November – April) and pull forward so others can park after you.


To contact me on the day of class, please text (801.503.8189). I don’t look at my phone while teaching so plan accordingly.  My emails are barbara.gill5@yahoo.com and barbaragill@letsplaymusicsite.com