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In the interview, we meet to talk about expectations, get accustomed to the studio, and see if our personalities work well together. I play something and the student plays something (either prepared or I teach something easy to the student).

Overview of My Studio

Instrument: An acoustic piano that is well maintained and tuned at least once a year is essential for lessons. An adjustable bench is also preferred. Digital pianos and keyboards will not allow students to progress in technique.

Lessons: During the school year, students participate in private (40 minutes) and group lessons (45-50 minutes). Students perform in three recitals during the year. Summer months have private lessons only. Optional performing experiences include Federation Solo festival (March) and concerto (fall), UMTA Performance Evaluations (October), Salt Lake Piano Competition (May/June), Monster Concerts, Silent Film Festival, and other events.

Parent Attendance: Parents attend the first year of private lessons and may continue once a month through the elementary school years. A practice coach is necessary for consistent instrument time and progress.

Yearly Tuition is based on 40 piano activities divided by 12 months. 40 lessons are divided in this way: 32+ lessons during the school year (which includes 3 group lessons), and 8 during the summer months.

Monthly Invoices are sent through My Music Staff. The preferred payment is through clicking on the invoice or setting up autopayments. A $15 late fee is assessed after the 5th of the month.

Registration & Materials fees: A $35 registration fee is due in September for use of lending library, copies, supplies, Keyboard Gymnastics, etc. New students also pay a $30 materials fee which includes the following books ready for the first lesson: Piano Safari Repertoire Level 1 and N. Jane Tan Fingers, Pitch and Pulse.

Tracking System: My studio uses the Better Practice App (web-based program) not only to track practice days and streaks, time, workload, and number of assignments accomplished, but also to help students evaluate their effort and find the holes in their study.

Incentives: Students participate in incentives during the school year such as Music Money (store and/or auction), High Five Hot Air Balloons, and the 100% Club. All students participate in the Twelve Days of Christmas Break and summer incentives such as Activities for Ice Cream, Sweet Keys, Musical Road Trip, Salt Lake to Juilliard, Piano Passport, and Piano Pirates.

Core Books: The core method used is a mix of Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum (Repertoire, Etudes, Theory, and Four Star for each of the 12 levels) and N. Jane Tan’s Well-Prepared Pianist books for learning to play with gestures, reading rhythms with syllables, conducting, sight-reading mini segments, and exposure to great repertoire. See the “Materials” tab for book lists for each RCM level, method, and technique.

More Books (Schmitt Op.16, Accelerando Bks. 1-7, Finger Power Primer – Level 6, Faber & Faber Piano Method -or- Alfred’s Premier Piano Course -or- Piano Safari, Hymns Made Easy, music for solo and concerto festivals of Federation) are to be purchased so they are ready for the following lesson. Please support local music stores whenever possible instead of Amazon.

Parent & Student Communication: A monthly memo is sent on the fourth week of the month along with an invoice (emailed through My Music Staff). Weekly lesson assignments and videos are available on Better Practice. Students can send a chat and get help within 24 hours instead of waiting for help the next week. Recordings can be made and stored on the system. YouTube videos are uploaded and often I make a YouTube video for technique or repertoire and post on my YouTube channel and their assignment.

Scheduling lesson times is done by filling out the “availability form” for Fall. Parents mark the top three times and then the juggling of schedules begins. Students may swap lesson times with other students, if needed, but usually everyone’s schedules are packed so the lesson day is the one that works. Summer lessons are scheduled by parents on a Google Doc and then transferred to My Music Staff at the beginning of each summer week.

If things work out between us, please bring the supplies listed on the student supply list (click below) to the first lesson

I look forward to sharing music with you!student-supply-listDOWNLOAD