Spring Recital (Solo Festival Pieces)

I hesitated to call my studio recital a spring recital since it snowed (finally) at the beginning of the week.  IMG_7017 IMG_7018 IMG_7020Thanks to Jackie W. for playing a piano duet and duo with me: Le pas Espagnole, from Dolly, Op.56 by Faure and the Rondo from Double Concerto in E-flat Major, K.365 by Mozart.

I took a photo of Wolfgang Wesemann at the piano as well.  He added onto his home and calls his recital hall “Wolfgang’s Konzert Haus.”

Since this recital was in preparation for the solo festival of Federation, I’ll post the junior pledge:  I acknowledge my indebtedness to good music; I know that the music of a nation inspires or degrades; I realize that acquaintance with great music instills a love of that which brings courage and lofty ideals and tends toward clean, noble living. I promise to do all in my power to make America truly musical.

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