Ukulele Camp

Kids only! Join me for five fun-filled days of singing and strumming! Each camp day is 45 minutes and the last day of camp is 60 minutes. Home activities are given daily to strengthen the connections of what was learned in class.

Class size: 4-8 kiddos

Ages: 8-11

Tuition: $150 for camp (5 sessions) + Audio files, due the Wednesday before camp. Scroll down for the registration button!

Offering Let’s Say Aloha Book 1

Session 1A (Book 1) June 5 – June 9 (11:30 am – 12:15 pm) CANCELED

Session 2A (Book 1) July 17-21 (11:30 pm – 12:15 pm)

What to purchase before class:

1. ukulele* (Consider the size. You may want to purchase a concert size if your child is in 5th or 6th grade. I play both sizes just fine, but I prefer the concert size).

2. MP3s of the music are available on Apple & Amazon (click on the buttons below), approximately $10

3A. Snark clip-on tuner

3B. Guitar Tuna app (Free).

4. Gig bag to protect your instrument (strongly recommended, but optional)

What do you get?

  • Let’s Say Aloha! student songbook
  • Five days of group fun while singing and strumming!
  • Introduction to ukulele, singing, strum patterns, pick patterns, and more!

Click the button below to register before the class.

*Ukuleles can be purchased locally at Bountiful Music, Acoustic Music, Day Murray Music, Summerhays Music, Riverton Music, and more! Prices start at $39.99.

Please purchase a ukulele locally. You never know the quality of the instrument or if your ukulele will stay in tune if you purchase one on Amazon for a lower price.

Studio Considerations

  1. Drop your ukulele off on Sunday so I can prep it for Monday’s camp.
  2. Come 5 minutes early to each class to make sure your ukulele is in tune.
  3. Remove your shoes and place them on the shoe tray when entering the studio.
  4. Bare feet stink and socks rock! If you do not have socks, please use clean ones from the “clean bowl” and put them in the “dirty bowl” when you are finished with class.
  5. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before playing your ukulele.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes, but not short skirts. We will be sitting “criss-cross applesauce.”
  7. Be patient with yourself as you are learning a new motor skill. Repetition makes permanent so practice the skill you want to grow stronger in the correct way.
  8. Homework is optional, but if you do it, you’ll remember the concepts taught in class.
  9. On day 5 parents can join the last 10 minutes of class (optional)
  10. Find songs you want to learn and come to the ukulele jam sessions after the camp. $15 session fee.

Happy Campers! Happy Parents!

Thanks so much for the great week! The girls loved the camp!!! This has opened the door to a new love for my daughter! It was perfect!

Angie G. (Mother of Happy Campers, Summer 2021)

My two sons absolutely loved Ukulele camp! They had so much fun and were so motivated that I never even had to ask them to do their homework. They did it all on their own! We were amazed at all the foundational skills they learned. Barbara is such a great teacher, always so fun and educational!

Dani H. (Mother of Happy Campers, Summer 2021)

My girls loved it! My girls want to keep coming! Do you teach ukulele throughout the year?

Melissa J. (Mother of Happy Campers, Summer 2021)

My daughter loved learning to play the ukulele. Barbara is the best teacher ever. She is patient, creative, and makes everything fun. Her passion for music is contagious.

Heather W. (Mother of Happy Camper, Summer 2021)

Ukulele camp was a highlight of the summer for my daugher. She had so much fun! Barbara makes learning music so exciting for kids and I’m so grateful she shares her talents with our community.

Courtney D. (Mother of Happy Camper, Summer 2021)