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Lang Lang & the Utah Symphony’s 75th Anniversary


I heard Lang Lang play not one concerto, but two for the Utah Symphony’s 75th Anniversary Gala.  What a performer!  I think he can play pppp and still project to the back of the hall.  He played a Mozart piano concerto and the Grieg piano concerto.  I love attending concerts.  The Grieg concerto had such soothing melodies and I always feel a surge when the strings play passages in unison or at the climactic points!

I was so happy to see that he was greeting people in a reception afterward.  I took him to Temple Square when he was 19 years old and came to play for the Virtuoso Series at Libby Gardner Concert Hall (maybe back in 2000 or 2001).  I helped Becky Durham with marketing, concert production, hospitality (picking up guest artists at the airport), and whatever else she thought of.  I never got a photo and although he remembered coming to Utah to play, I don’t think he remembered me.

Long live Lang Lang!

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