Bells as Melodies

I like to use chimes are harmonies instead of melodies. However, when a chord or harmony is outlined or a melody sounds bell-like, I like to highlight it. Here are some examples:

We Welcome You, CS 256 (ring on “sing this song for you.”  A F G C C’)

He Died That We Might Live Again, CS 65 (“Rejoice, Rejoice and Sing, Sing, Sing!” D F A C’ F G A F)

Our Bishop, CS 135 transposed to C Major (“He’s Our Bishop” is highlighted in three different ways: 1). C’ A G D    2). C’ A B G     3). C’ A B C’)

This Is My Beloved Son (D E F D’ C’ B-flat A, A C’ A A, A C’ A F)

I also like to wave my hands and have all the bells ring together. Show the sign for “stop” and they stop (usually).

Bells as Chords

Here are two charts for Gethsemane. One simply has the chorus. The other has the entire song!

My friend, Camie Nielson, asked me to make a chart and I didn’t have time. We had a chat about what chord she needed and she made her own chart! Yay Camie! For future reference, chords are built from skips. Her red chord starts FAC and the Green chord is GBDF.

Silent Night.chimes arpeggiated

Stand for the Right (Chime Chart)

Stars were gleaming