Bells & Maps

I use bells, pipe chimes, glow sticks (conducting), paper plates (mini), rhythm sticks, and scarves for movement and sensory experiences. Scroll down for samples from my files for the maps I use.


I like to use chimes are harmonies instead of melodies. However, when a chord or harmony is outlined or a melody sounds bell-like, I like to highlight it. Here are some examples:

We Welcome You, CS 256 (ring on “sing this song for you.”  A F G C C’)

He Died That We Might Live Again, CS 65 (“Rejoice, Rejoice and Sing, Sing, Sing!” D F A C’ F G A F)

Our Bishop, CS 135 transposed to C Major (“He’s Our Bishop” is highlighted three different ways: 1). C’ A G D    2). C’ A B G     3). C’ A B C’)

This Is My Beloved Son (D E F D’ C’ B-flat A, A C’ A A, A C’ A F)

I also like to wave my hands and have all the bells ring together. Show the sign for “stop” and they stop (usually).

Here are some of the charts I have made for chimes/bells with chords/harmonies:

I Am a Child of God.chimes

Silent Night.chimes arpeggiated

Stand for the Right (Chime Chart)

Stars were gleaming

Music Maps (Conduct/Trace)

When you trace a music map, like conducting the gestures, you internalize the feeling and the shape of the phrase. Don’t let the children sing until they have heard you sing it multiple times. You can ask, “What words go here?” and let them fill in. You can use it as an experience or as a teaching song.

All of the music maps are my own creations except for Joy to the World.

Come, Lord Jesus

The Holy Ghost Music Map Below

The Holy Ghost Music Map

Joy to the map

Miracle, The (Verse music map below)

Miracle by Shawna Edwards
Reverence is Love (part 1)
Reverence is Love (part 2)

Paper Plates

Scarf Patterns

“Give,” Said The Little Stream

“Give,” Said the Little Stream

I Lived in Heaven Scarf Pattern

I Lived in Heaven
My Flag
My Country ’Tis of Thee

Rhythm Sticks