Violin & Ukulele

Ukulele & Beginner Violin Publications

These ukulele books are great to sing the melody while strumming a simple steady beat or rhythm pattern. Some of the songs are too low for the Primary children to sing along with. I’ve added capo adjustments so you can sing in the original keys which are perfect for children’s voices.

Choose the Right, “Give” Said the Little Stream, and When I Am Baptized

My daughter is playing from the Primary Violin School book and loves playing Primary songs. She played at her cousin’s baptism and she played for her own. An accompaniment book is also available, but I made my own accompaniment. Her favorite songs we will be playing as a medley are We’ll Bring the World His Truth, I Am Like a Star, Jesus Once Was a Little Child, and I Am a Child of God. It’s never perfect, but it’s cute! She has also played a musical selection in 5 wards!

These arrangements are just perfect for the beginning violinist. They are often a third lower than the original key. Double-check the original key if you want children to sing along. If not, these arrangements make great prelude selections. To make it easier for her to learn, we color-coded the strings:

Red = A string, Yellow = E string, Blue = D string, Green = G string.