Silent Film Festival

Buster Keaton is one of my favorite comedians now! My student had the opportunity to participate in The BDAC fundraiser September 8 by performing music matching the scenes and moods of Buster Keaton’s “The Boat.” Kim Moody and Brianne Call combined with me to pull off this feat.

Ethan and I stayed for a few films afterward and laughed and laughed at “The Scarecrow.” I cant wait to do this festival again next year. Maybe we will have percussion instruments like Angela McBride’s group. Maybe we will dress differently. Maybe we will just laugh and love the experience again.


Piano Rocks the Garage Recital

The wind was relentless today so instead of being outside, we set up in our newly painted garage. It turned out to be a great venue and we didn’t need to use insect repellent.

This evening recital started with “A Million Dreams” and ended with “Fly Me to the Moon.” Each performer selected sounds on the digital piano and I changed sounds and turned pages. Goodbye to Trevin and Damon! I’ve seen them weekly for four to five years.

Oh yes, the silent auction may have been a highlight. Students spent their music money on items each student brought as well as my patriotic themed treats: red, white, and blue Pringles, gum, licorice, etc.

Fun Photos, Performances

Monster Concert

The University of Utah Piano Area opened up a spot for a community group and I took it! With 15 pianos and 30 performers I needed to recruit some friends to help. We had 9 teachers and 28 performers in the end.

Our group’s piece was “Fly Me to the Moon” and our percussionist added so much to the performance! It was an “Out if this World” event. Other highlights included the ET Theme and Star Wars groups.

We have been invited back for next year and I can hardly wait! Thank you Ben, Elena, Drew and Damon for taking extra time to be part of this exclusive experience.