Piano Rocks Recital

I took my digital outside and had all the students select different timbres (instruments) to play.  I sat close to change the sounds in a flash.  One student said, “Can we do this for every recital?”  That’s when I knew the fun format was a winner.  

Instead of noise makers, I had percussion instruments. We also had a silent auction and ice cream sandwiches and Spider-Man popsicles.  Everything patriotic on my part.  

I think we have a new tradition!  Next time we will start closer to 10 am for less sun!


Spring Recital

Federation festivals are fun!  In preparation for solo festival, I held a recital at Wolfgang’s Konzert Haus.  He has great pianos and students were allowed to use music, if needed.  I would rather have a student share music than not share.  Students drew numbers for their lucky chance at the performance order and picking their treat first.

A variety of pieces and moods presented.   I love contemporary music!


Halloween Recital


What a beautiful venue the Bountiful Davis Art Center is!  It has been 11 years since I did a recital where students could dress up in costumes.  I remember I was pregnant with my first child and he turns 11 this week.

Whatever happens in performance, it is important to remember that it is a snapshot of what we could do in that very moment.  Sometimes it turns out great, adrenaline and all.  Sometimes, it’s not-so-great.  One way to avoid the not-so-great performance is to know the form of the piece and have many starting spots to move forward in the piece.  Another helpful tool is to perform multiple little performances before the “big” performance.

If I had stopped playing the piano after those not-so-great performances I would not enjoy making music today.


Studio Recital at Wolfgang’s Konzert Haus

June 7, 2014–3:00 PM

I was so happy to have all of my students perform their best and that they moved “forward” in their pieces.  For many, it was their first recital and for Erica, Rachel, Amy & Maggie is was their last recital with me.  I will post a few pictures from the past when they were little girls and not young women, but I am getting ready to head to Europe with Utah Chamber Artists where I will visit Mozart’s birth place and Beethoven’s house in Heiligenstadt.  I reminded my students to be like Beethoven and not to give up when things may seem unsurmountable or when challenges (in Beethoven’s case, deafness) would allow us to quit.

Erica earned her 45-point cup through the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Brooklyn’s mom (and my friend from college), Jackie performed Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals and two duets with me.

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Erica, Rachel, Amy & Maggie
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