PLC Dive Deeper Challenge

The new incentive is up on my wall.  Students will Play (15 pieces), Listen (15 Classical music), and Create (3 improvisations or composition).  We’ll keep track on individual tracker sheets and then as bubbles (stickers) on my ocean wall with our SCUBA divers.  Doing these three things (PLC), students start at the yellow level and progress deeper to orange, and then blue.  Prizes are given at the completion of each level (Texas donut, $2 bill, or something fabulous).

These activities will take us to 99!  To reach 100, students will need to attend a live concert (Utah Symphony, Utah Chamber Artists, Temple Square/Assembly Hall, etc.).  Reaching 100 should be a prize of its own, but students will receive an iTunes gift card or equivalent.

Let the diving begin!img_3879

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