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88 Hours for 88 Keys

I’m posting some pictures of the Bountiful Davis Art Center’s play-a-thon last weekend.  My son and I were able to participate as players and I was a team lead from Sunday, 10 PM to Monday, 2 AM.  I didn’t think anyone would sign up for those late night times and I would get to practice, but it turns out that Doc Lloyd Miller (Jazz legend), my friend’s brother and her niece as well as another Bountiful local took those time slots.  At least I was able to play on Friday morning and Harrison played on Sunday (7:40 AM)!

I’m excited to have such a classy venue and fabulous instrument for performing!  It will be a great addition to my studio recitals.  Every time we pass the center I will think, “I played a small part in getting a great instrument to the stage” and I hope others that contributed will feel the same.  Great music and art, side by side.  What could be better?  Oh yes, let’s add “great food.” If you missed it, you can still contribute by visiting, then click on the piano tab.

IMG_5868  IMG_5873

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