Fun Photos

Musical Road Trip Finished

Congrats to all the students for taking a musical road trip this summer in my studio.

The following students got 7 souvenirs or higher!


Fun Photos

This is your astronaut teacher speaking …

Fun Photos

Music Fun at the Park

I’ve been doing summer sessions outside. So far the two couples that come to each lunch in the pavilion are enjoying it, and so are the kiddos!

Fun Photos Incentives

Catching Up

Wow! I forgot to post some fun photos from March to May! Aiden, Londyn, Maisie, Nathan, Ruby. Here they are!

Fun Photos

Slammed the Door on that Book

Woo hoo, Aiden! Way to get through all those technique exercises. They also act as great sight reading passages.

Fun Photos Theory Concepts

Alphabet Hand Sandwich

Being able to say the music alphabet forward and backward and then saying it by skipping letters takes a lot of approaches. Here is Lilly doing the hand sandwich with her mom.

Fun Photos

New Students

Smiling students that want to play the piano are my favorite! Welcome Gwen and Lilly!


Musical Road Trip: Summer 2020

This summer we all need to get away. Here’s my new challenge. Can’t wait for the students to bring back 5-8 souvenirs so I can give them their rewards at the end of the summer. Yes, I changed my room arrangement a bit. I moved the digital piano to the other wall for my sample class and I think I’ll keep it there for the summer!

Students choose their own activities to complete (or do all of them for a fabulous gift card!). Each of these musical souvenirs are actually a great way to review.

Here are the details. Stop along each street for musical souvenirs. Prizes increase for the number of souvenirs you collect over the summer.

5 musical souvenirs = candy bar -or- sticker pack

6 musical souvenirs = King size candy bar -or- bentcil

7 musical souvenirs = Texas Donut -or- $2 bill

8 musical souvenirs = $5 gift card of your choice!

Tempo Be able to put the 12 tempos in order from slowest to fastest

Dynamics Put the dynamics in order from ppp to fff

Composition Create a piece from your technic elements

Notes Pass two stages in Flashnote Derby

Music Periods Put the music periods in order from Medieval to Contemporary

Theory Triads, Intervals, Inversions, Scale Degree Names & more

Technic Pass three keys or patterns: scale, arpeggio, chords, folk song

Rhythm Complete three units in Rhythm Cups

I realized I never posted the winner of Sweet Keys last year (Summer 2019)! Here is a photo of last year’s summer challenge. Kait was the winner. She got to the end of the keyboard!

Fun Photos

Love the Piano

My new student Lilly had a lesson this morning. One of her activities was to arrange the magnet keys like a real piano and then make up her own. Look what she sent a few hours later! I’d love to play that piano!

Incentives Performances

Piano Rocks the Outdoors!

Saturday’s recital 6.14.2020 was a winner! I wore a mask and so did most of the audience members. We had plenty of wind and plenty of variety in the music choices and sounds. I’m waiting for more photos since I didn’t have a chance to take photos, clean the piano keys between each student, and remind them to use hand sanitizer. The auction was awesome! Everyone loved being able to compete for an item and then buy things from my tables with the money they had left over. Ruby earned the most money and Elena came in second.

Everyone loved this low key recital during this COVID-19 time. I shared a quote about resilience. My students definitely showed resilience as they were able to adjust to online lessons and then perform as if nothing had changed. Way to go!