Every year my family reads the Christmas story from the Bible. We sing hymns and play the bells. Here is my master copy of the script and hymns we use in order. I also have a section at the back with our favorite Primary songs. I have multiple copies of these scripts in red and green folders.

I have the hymns facing up and the scriptures on the back sides of the pages unless the hymn has two pages. Of course, those pages are facing each other. I use the bell charts for Away in a Manger, Silent Night, and Christmas Bells Are Ringing. I also have a music map of Joy to the World.


Costumes & Oversized Visuals

Kids love dressing up in bathrobes and towels for shepherds, crowns, and jewels for kings/wise men, and sheets draped on each side.

If you are not able to dress the children, you can also use oversized visuals! Pat Graham let me borrow hers one year for our ward Christmas party. We sang “The Nativity Song,” by Pat and used her visuals. So sweet!