COVID Changes

These changes were made for 2020-2021. For 2021-2022 we will move toward no masks/face shields, but with the option to go back to these procedures, if necessary.

Two options are available. Option 1 is preferred.

1. In-person experiences/lessons.

2. Online classes/lessons (Zoom platform)

In-person experiences follow these procedures:

  • Sanitizing the piano keys.
  • Wearing a face shield and/or mask during teaching.
  • Providing face shields and masks for each student and parent who enters my home.
  • Limiting the number of people in my home.
  • Allowing extra space for social distancing. 

Students and Parents will follow these procedures:

  • Hand sanitize in and out of my studio.
  • Wear a face shield or mask while in my studio.
  • Limit lesson waiting area to student and parent only.
  • Have the option to take an online lesson/class in place of an in-person one.
  • Communicate any sickness so I can contact studio families and my studio can function solely online, if needed.

We’re in this together!

While online lessons have been productive in many ways, technique suffers. Flexibility from the teacher and the student families will be important during this COVID-19 time.

Zoom Help (coming)

Skype Help (coming) (coming)